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Autor Mesaj
  Subiect: Autobuze/autocare particulare din Hunedoara
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MesajForum: Judetul HUNEDOARA   Trimis: Vin 15 Oct 2010 23:27:12   Subiect: Autobuze/autocare particulare din Hunedoara
in Brad I found these old Ikraus 255 HD06TOR and Ikarus 266 HD05KWT
  Subiect: Autobuze particulare înmatriculate în Bihor
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Răspunsuri: 165
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MesajForum: Judetul BIHOR   Trimis: Vin 15 Oct 2010 22:53:22   Subiect: Autobuze particulare înmatriculate în Bihor
In a village near Oradea I found thisone... BH06GTU by S.C.SABMAR S.R.L.
  Subiect: Autobuze particulare înmatriculate în Neamț
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Vizualizări: 169129

MesajForum: Judetul NEAMȚ   Trimis: Mar 28 Sep 2010 22:54:11   Subiect: Autobuze particulare înmatriculate în Neamț
Alte Ikarusuri de la Roman:
4. NT05VJN cumparat de la IasiHere is a picture of this bus in his old home Aue-Schwarzenberg in November 1996.

Is this bus still running?
  Subiect: Autobuzele R.A.T. Timisoara
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Răspunsuri: 77
Vizualizări: 100025

MesajForum: Judetul TIMIȘ   Trimis: Dum 23 Mai 2010 11:17:52   Subiect: Autobuzele R.A.T. Timisoara
Last year, on my journey through Romania, i made pictures of
TM 10 JLO and TM 10 JLY. 07.10.2009.

These busses are coming form East-Germany. Did some have the FIN-number of these Ikarus?
  Subiect: Autobuze/Autocare particulare din Arad
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Răspunsuri: 18
Vizualizări: 18887

MesajForum: Judetul ARAD   Trimis: Mar 15 Dec 2009 01:54:10   Subiect: Autobuze/Autocare particulare din Arad
Autobuzele PumaTrans

On my journey through Romania, I saw in Nădlac an Ikarus 256 beside the street and I thought, I know this bus. I am right.
This Ikarus was built as number 256.51.1989.0573 an ...
  Subiect: Autobuzele din Braila
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Răspunsuri: 92
Vizualizări: 99662

MesajForum: Judetul BRĂILA   Trimis: Sâm 12 Dec 2009 12:41:01   Subiect: Autobuzele din Braila
I am from germany an I was on 06.10.2009 in Braila. I searched for busses which comes from my home. I made some pictures. But someone cut this Smile ...
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