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  Subiect: Austria, Viena și împrejurimi

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MesajForum: Europa Centrala si de Est   Trimis: Sâm 06 Mai 2017 19:53:33   Subiect: [A-W] Tramwaytag in Wien/Vienna
Today was a exhibition at two depots, the U6 depot at Michelbeuern and at the tram depot Gürtel with some old and newer trams. There was also a shuttle service with museum trams.
for more pics see: h ...
  Subiect: Marea Britanie, Nottingham

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Vizualizări: 300

MesajForum: Europa de Nord   Trimis: Dum 23 Apr 2017 09:23:54   Subiect: Marea Britanie, Nottingham
This time a tram from England: Nottingham:

A successful new tram with the potential to be extended in the following years.
  Subiect: Olanda, Amsterdam

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Vizualizări: 676

MesajForum: Europa de Vest   Trimis: Sâm 11 Mar 2017 17:50:03   Subiect: Olanda, Amsterdam
An actualized gallery from Amsterdam and its great tram network:
  Subiect: Suedia, Goteborg

Răspunsuri: 33
Vizualizări: 23285

MesajForum: Europa de Nord   Trimis: Dum 26 Feb 2017 13:41:52   Subiect: Gothenburg tram museum
Here some more pics:
  Subiect: Slovacia, Bratislava

Răspunsuri: 6
Vizualizări: 6864

MesajForum: Europa Centrala si de Est   Trimis: Lun 12 Dec 2016 08:43:33   Subiect: new trams, new bridge
Bratislava's new Old Bridge and new trams in the Slovak Capital:
  Subiect: Polonia, Wrocław

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Vizualizări: 981

MesajForum: Europa Centrala si de Est   Trimis: Sâm 19 Noi 2016 12:28:01   Subiect: Polonia, Wrocław

Wrocław, a Polish south western city, has a tram network with some 20 lines. The fleet consists of low floor trams, but also of standard and modernize ...
  Subiect: Austria, Viena și împrejurimi

Răspunsuri: 98
Vizualizări: 51886

MesajForum: Europa Centrala si de Est   Trimis: Sâm 19 Noi 2016 12:25:05   Subiect: Ulf on line 60

Pics from Vienna's line 60 with its type Ulf trams.
  Subiect: Spania, Valencia

Răspunsuri: 1
Vizualizări: 4973

MesajForum: Europa de Sud   Trimis: Lun 10 Oct 2016 22:27:50   Subiect: Spania, Valencia

Valencia's tram
  Subiect: Innotrans

Răspunsuri: 5
Vizualizări: 2206

MesajForum: Cafeneaua Tramclub   Trimis: Sâm 24 Sep 2016 23:18:55   Subiect: Innotrans

Pics from Innotrans in Berlin
  Subiect: Marea Britanie, Sheffield (South Yorkshire)

Răspunsuri: 20
Vizualizări: 7688

MesajForum: Europa de Nord   Trimis: Mar 16 Aug 2016 18:26:53   Subiect: A visit to Sheffield
Sheffield has some 530,000 inhabitants and is an industrial town which is famous for its steel products. The light rail network uses also former railway lines and connects the city centre with the sub ...
  Subiect: Italia, Palermo

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Vizualizări: 1540

MesajForum: Europa de Sud   Trimis: Mar 31 Mai 2016 07:37:37   Subiect: Italia, Palermo
Since five months in service again. After a break of 68 years: the tram in Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Very modern and very beautiful.

for more pics see here:
  Subiect: Italia, Florenta

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Vizualizări: 1611

MesajForum: Europa de Sud   Trimis: Lun 16 Mai 2016 22:38:08   Subiect: Italia, Florenta
Florence, cradle of the Renaissance. In it the tram is celebrating a great comeback. After the opening of line T1 in 2010 now two more lines are under construction, one leading to the north of the cit ...
  Subiect: Serbia, Belgrad: Tramvaiele GSP si infrastructura lor

Răspunsuri: 4
Vizualizări: 4341

MesajForum: Europa Centrala si de Est   Trimis: Joi 12 Mai 2016 07:38:04   Subiect: new pics from Belgrade

The tram in Serbia's capital. There are not only KT4 to see but also CAF Urbos3.
  Subiect: Belgia, Oostende

Răspunsuri: 3
Vizualizări: 8934

MesajForum: Europa de Vest   Trimis: Mar 29 Mar 2016 07:54:39   Subiect: Kusttram
The Kusttram in Belgium is the longest tramline in the world.
During the season it gets some additional trams from Antwerpen resp. Ghent.

For more pics see: ...
  Subiect: Austria, Viena și împrejurimi

Răspunsuri: 98
Vizualizări: 51886

MesajForum: Europa Centrala si de Est   Trimis: Mie 16 Mar 2016 21:46:01   Subiect: Austria, Viena și împrejurimi
Viena isi schimba flota de autobuze, vor fi achizitionate 217 autobuze noi pana in 2016, aproximativ jumatatea flotei de autobuze. Interesant de remarcat faptul ca Viena renunta la autobuzele pe gaz L ...
  Subiect: Estonia, Tallinn

Răspunsuri: 2
Vizualizări: 6844

MesajForum: Fosta URSS   Trimis: Dum 28 Feb 2016 17:56:41   Subiect: gallery about Tallinn tram

The tram in the estonian capital.
  Subiect: Austria, Viena și împrejurimi

Răspunsuri: 98
Vizualizări: 51886

MesajForum: Europa Centrala si de Est   Trimis: Dum 21 Feb 2016 12:07:23   Subiect: U1 Oberlaa
Some actual pics from building the U1 extension to Oberlaa:
  Subiect: Spania, Sevilla

Răspunsuri: 0
Vizualizări: 1436

MesajForum: Europa de Sud   Trimis: Mar 09 Feb 2016 18:47:16   Subiect: Spania, Sevilla
Here some pics from Sevilla, where CAF Urbos 3 are in service, which also have an accumuator on board to drive without catenary.
At the homepage also historic ptcs from an exhibition and of a funicul ...
  Subiect: Rusia, Kaliningrad

Răspunsuri: 0
Vizualizări: 1440

MesajForum: Fosta URSS   Trimis: Dum 17 Ian 2016 09:45:45   Subiect: Rusia, Kaliningrad
Some pics from the tramway iin Kaliningrad, where now is some hope that new trams will arrive and also the fleet is modernised. The pics here are from 2010.

more pics: ...
  Subiect: Austria, Viena și împrejurimi

Răspunsuri: 98
Vizualizări: 51886

MesajForum: Europa Centrala si de Est   Trimis: Mar 12 Ian 2016 08:55:04   Subiect: Vienna's line 62 since November completely low floor, so only Ulf type A1 trams are in service there.
More pics about it here:
  Subiect: Olanda, Rotterdam

Răspunsuri: 7
Vizualizări: 12569

MesajForum: Europa de Vest   Trimis: Sâm 26 Dec 2015 09:48:37   Subiect: Olanda, Rotterdam
The city of Rotterdam was modernised during the last years and so was the tram fleet. Today only low floor trams are in service, consisting of Alstom Citadis trams.
for more pics see: http://public-t ...
  Subiect: Italia, Venezia

Răspunsuri: 3
Vizualizări: 5513

MesajForum: Europa de Sud   Trimis: Vin 20 Noi 2015 09:13:45   Subiect: some new pics from Venice

Since September 2015 Venice has a tramway - one of the Translohr type, which connects it with Mestre. And with the peoplemover another modern rail-system is i ...
  Subiect: Marea Britanie (Scotia), Edinburgh

Răspunsuri: 8
Vizualizări: 3516

MesajForum: Europa de Nord   Trimis: Sâm 07 Noi 2015 00:33:27   Subiect: Tram in Edinburgh
Since 2014 a tramway is in service in this Scottish city. For more pics see:

http://pu ...
  Subiect: Ieri la ei si azi la noi - Tramvaiele GT4

Răspunsuri: 409
Vizualizări: 211637

MesajForum: Judetul IAȘI   Trimis: Mie 21 Oct 2015 08:09:57   Subiect: Ieri la ei si azi la noi - Tramvaiele GT4

A new gallery was added to pTn, now about Iași, the city with the highest concentration of GT4 in the world. ...
  Subiect: Suedia, Stockholm

Răspunsuri: 15
Vizualizări: 12617

MesajForum: Europa de Nord   Trimis: Dum 04 Oct 2015 19:58:27   Subiect: Metro
Some pics from Stockholm's underground are online here:
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