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Data înscrierii: 18/Oct/2005
Ultima vizita: 21/Iun/2008
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MesajTrimis: Vin 17 Noi 2006 23:11:11    Titlul subiectului: Etiopia 38322

Troleibuze in Africa

Ethiopian, Russian Entrepreneurs to Establish Trolley Bus Manufacturing Factory

The Ethiopian Herald (Addis Abeba)

November 15, 2006
Posted to the web November 15, 2006

Addis Abeba

An Ethiopian and two Russian companies yesterday signed an agreement providing for the establishment of electric-driven bus manufacturing factory here.

The factory, which is to be jointly established by the Russian Rus Afro-trol and VIP holding companies and the Ethiopian Afro Asian Trading Enterprise with a total capital of 100 million US dollar, will be the first of its kind in Africa.

Signing the agreement, Eng. Getachew Eshetu General Manager of Afro Asian Trading Enterprise, who is also the major shareholder of the factory, said that the factory would be established on 43 hectares in Debre Markos town.

The factory is known across the world for its trolley buses and is the sole provider for several cities in Russia and Eastern Europe, Getachew said.

The factory will start work by assembling trolley buses during its initial stage but will later manufacture the body parts of the bus as well in the country, he said.

According to the General Manager, the work on the construction of the factory will begin next January, and in six months period it will manufacture its trial products, he added.

The factory will have a capacity to manufacture 500 buses annually and when going fully operational it will create employment opportunity for 5,000 people. Getachew also indicated that the factory has plans to manufacture buses for export and also expand the manufacturing sites to other African countries.

Rus Afro -trol Company President Pavel Berlin said the factory would manufacture buses that are suitable for the weather conditions of the country.

The buses are expected to reduce diesel consumption and environmental pollution as they operate on electrical energy of about 24 volt from electric boxes installed across its way, the President said.

Having a seat capacity for150 to 200 people and with possible modification of the size as needed, the bus is believed to help address the present transportation problem.

Indicating that Ethiopia is endowed with abundant potential of electric energy, Ethiopian Investment Agency Director Abi Wolde-Meskel congratulated the companies for choosing Ethiopia to erect the factory. He assured the owners that the Agency would provide the necessary support for the factory.

Abi also indicated that the establishment of the factory would further strengthen relations between Ethiopia and Russia.

According to the agreement, the Ethiopian shareholder and the two Russian companies will have 70 per cent and 30 per cent ownership share respectively.

by Aregu Balleh
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Data înscrierii: 18/Oct/2005
Ultima vizita: 18/Ian/2021
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MesajTrimis: Vin 17 Noi 2006 23:21:09    Titlul subiectului: 38324

The buses are expected to reduce diesel consumption and environmental pollution as they operate on electrical energy of about 24 volt from electric boxes installed across its way,

Rolling Eyes Question Question Question Adica... Merge pe cutii de 24V instalate pe traseu?
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Data înscrierii: 24/Oct/2005
Ultima vizita: 09/Ian/2021
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Locație: Bucuresti 6

MesajTrimis: Joi 08 Noi 2007 17:48:44    Titlul subiectului: 84635

Oricat ar parea de ciudat, se pare ca lucrurile s-au miscat in aceasta directie:
Two Russian-made electric trolley buses arrive Addis Ababa last weekend to lay the first lines for the shortly expected electric bus services in Ethiopia. According to Getachew Eshetu, owner of Rus Afro Trolley Bus plc, more than 1,200 buses are needed for the capital.
He added that fifty buses, each with a capacity of 130 passengers can start serving Addis Ababa residents soon. As per demand the buses can be easily designed and rebuilt to carry up to two hundred people said Getachew.

“Now it is all up to the government, the routes for the buses and other necessary steps are what we are seeking in order to start the operation. It is, from now on, government’s efforts that speed up the process of introducing the buses to Addis Ababa’s streets.”
Totusi sa nu uitam ca vorbim de una din cele mai sarace si corupte tari din lume, aici 'soon' poate avea un cu totul alt inteles decat in alte parti ale lumii.
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Data înscrierii: 04/Dec/2009
Ultima vizita: 08/Dec/2020
Mesaje: 378
Locație: Chisinau (Moldova)

MesajTrimis: Vin 04 Dec 2009 19:45:32    Titlul subiectului: Troleibuze Ziu 9 120887

Iata si troleibuzele din Addis-Abeba:
Aceste troleibuze au fost proiectate in anii 60-70. Si acestea din imagine desi sunt noi, nu au evoluat prea mult. La o exploatare intensiva caroseria trebuie aruncata in cativa ani. Prin anii '90 uzina Trolza (fosta ZiU) a primit un premiu pentru "reducerea consumului de metal". Adica au micsorat sectiunea tevilor de metal care constituie structura caroseriei... Rezultatul? Cele sovietice, desi identice, functioneaza si 30 de ani. Cele noi mor in cativa ani.
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Data înscrierii: 30/Sep/2006
Ultima vizita: 12/Iun/2020
Mesaje: 9192
Locație: Bucuresti

MesajTrimis: Mie 22 Apr 2020 07:04:16    Titlul subiectului: 206737

Troleibuzul in capitala Etiopiei a functionat pana in 2014. In schimb, s-a construit o retea de tramvai. Mai multe detalii despre troleibuzul din capitala acestui stat african, aici.

The Addis Ababa Trolleybus is Ethiopia’s abolished single trolleybus system. For 2014 is not open. Planned one route. The construction of the trolleybus has been canceled, instead a tram network is being built.

Addis Ababa Trolleybus
Trolleybus system
A country
Addis Ababa
Number of routes
Contact network length
~ 16 km
Number of trolley parks
Number of trolley buses
Shipping company

The trolleybus system was owned by RusAfroTroll, a joint Russian-Ethiopian enterprise (with 70% of Ethiopian businessmen and 30% of Russians).

The joint Russian-Ethiopian company RusAfroTroll was established in November 2006 .
The first trolley buses from Russia went to Africa in August 2007 .
Two ZiU trolleybuses imported in August 2007 were shown for some period of time at Meskal Square in the center of Addis Ababa at the end of 2007. But in April 2009, there were no signs of construction along the proposed route. Subsequently, one of the two trolley buses was written off. Both cars that have never been on the line are located in Bischoft. Frequent power outages associated with inadequate power generators of electricity in the city, make the opening of the trolleybus movement unlikely in the near future.
The plans of the company "RusAfroTroll" was the creation of a trolleybus factory in Ethiopia, which could supply trolleybuses to markets in Africa and Latin America. It was supposed to release up to 500 trolley buses per year.
In 2011, there were plans to build a tram in Addis Ababa [1] , and in 2012, the gradual construction of the first line , the opening of which is scheduled for 2015, began. This essentially put an end to the idea of ​​a trolleybus network.
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